Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mortaza Haidari

Sardar Ahmad, a correspondent for the French Press Agency and in charge of “Presistan institution”, five years ago, was martyred with his family during a terrorist attack on Kabul’s Kabul Hotel. Precisely 5 years ago, Sardar Ahmad and his family were attacked around eight and thirty minutes of the night of the first day of Nowruz and they were shot down by 5 terrorists.

In this incident, Sardar Ahmad, his wife, Homaira, with her three child’s, was targeted by a brutal assassination attack, this incident killed four members of the family and Abuzar, the only son of Sardar Ahmad, was seriously wounded. Since then, his murder case has remained vague. In the years that followed, Afghanistan has been evidence of dozens of journalists who have lost their lives for the freedom of speech.

In 2018, nearly 20 journalists were killed by terrorists. Now Afghanistan is considered to be the most dangerous country for journalism activities, media activists’ simultaneously urged the government to finalize the cases of their comrades as soon as possible and provide a secure environment for their activities, which so far have not made any definitive answer other than the obligations and commitments to them until now.

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