Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mehrullah Mehrdad

Salima Meerzaye is the first gunwoman in the north of the country who is managing face-to-face battle with the Taliban. He is currently the operation commander of Local forces in Balkh Chahar Kent district and currently preparing for a sharp response against the Taliban. Following the heightened attacks by Taliban fighters on parts of Balkh province Chahar Kent district, Ms. Salima was forced to join the ranks of the country’s military with the help of the armed forces and resist armed opposition. It is said that the efforts of this lady have made the Taliban fight for the state forces effective and the Taliban experience strong resistance in their fight against local forces.

According to the reports, after clashes increase Ms. Salima Meerzaye took the charge of the war against the Taliban, and due to her high experience Taliban suffer heavy casualties during their attack on the district. After the commander Kaftar in Baghlan province who fought against Taliban, this is the first time that a lady has been in charge of arm resistance against Taliban at the front lines of the battle for the first time in past 18 years to fight the Taliban terrorists and lead local forces.

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