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Yesterday, the first assembly of the Ambassadors of Reka was held in 2019 and the opening ceremony of the Reka Research and Evaluation Center at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan. Foreign Minister) Salah Uddin Rabbani (was attended by government officials and ambassadors from more than 10 countries. The country’s foreign minister, while acknowledging the support of the countries of the region as a connecting point in the region, added: “Regional cooperation will increase the stability and economic growth.”

In the duration of the conference (Adilah Raz (, the moderator of economic cooperation between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, reminded of the achievements of 2018 in the field of regional cooperation, such as the (Tapi) energy project in the energy sector, the (Chabahar (part and the lajaward road in the transport sector. This meeting will take place once a month, once in the framework of Reka, in order to coordinate the major meetings of the Reka. The conference also opened the RKA Research and Evaluation Center, which was first commissioned by the State Department at the Seventh Reka Conference in Ashgabat in November 2017, which was approved.

The purpose of the establishment of this Research Capacity Center in Afghanistan remains to provide the necessary facilities for research cooperation between Afghanistan and the countries of the region. The eighth Reka Foreign Ministers’ meeting is scheduled to take place in Tashkent in the second half of this year.

The Regional Economic Cooperation Summit on Afghanistan (REKA) was established in 2005, in the sectors of energy, transport, trade facilitation, communications, and the expansion of cooperation between the private sectors of the member states and the deployment of workers.


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