Pasbanan- Kabul:

Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan says: the first group of Afghan Black Hawk pilots launched their first military operation in Helmand province on Tuesday. This operation was launched after 51 Black Hawk pilots graduated from Kandahar Airfield and one day after their graduation they launched an operation for providing election security in these provinces. According to RS Mission in Afghanistan Afghan pilots were so amazed by using these Black Hawk helicopters.

On Wednesday Afghanistan security force announced that around 60 Black hack pilots has got graduation letters that 9 of them were graduated from foreign countries and 51 others got their documentation from Kandahar Airfield, at the same time RS Mission has said that 30 other pilots will graduate from partner countries air academies in 2019 and soon they will join Afghan Airforce in Afghanistan.

According to Ministry of Defense until now Afghan air force has got 13 Black Hawk Helicopters and until 2019 these forces will be capable of receiving 100 more aircraft from US forces in the country.

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