Kabul Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mahdi Nayibi

In the first round of the second round of election parliament speaker, none of the candidates could reach the seats of the house of the representative speaker. In the first round of today’s election Abdul Shokor Waqif Hakimi, Jawaid Jaihoon and Meer Rahman Safi were nominated for the seat of Parliament Speaker, but none were able to win the ballot. In the current election, the parliament used 237 votes, and candidates had to win 119 votes for being elected as parliament speaker. Reports indicate that Abdul Shokor Waqif Hakimi won 35 votes, while Ahmed Jawaid Jaihoon won 73 votes, and Meer Afghan Safi was able to win 77 votes and they were elected as the Speaker of House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, temporary House of Representative speaker Malek Qais Noor Agha announced at the end of the first round of this elections that according to the results of the election, none of the candidates were able to obtain the maximum number of votes for this seat; therefore, the second round of Afghan House of Representative elections would be held between Meer Afghan Safi and Ahmad Jawaid Jaihoon. It is to be said that now the second round of this election is ongoing.

The run-off to the two presidential elections is after a period of at least 40 days of tension between the Members of Parliament, which challenged the outcome of the election in the second round of parliamentary elections. Meanwhile, Mir Rahman Rahmani stressed that the vote whit a dot was correct, but his rivals said the vote was void. And Mir Rahman Rahmani could not rely on Parliament seats and become parliament speaker.

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