Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shershah Nawabi

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, leader of the Islamic Party, linked to the conflict between Islamabad and New Delhi, said support for Indian attacks on Pakistan’s land is overwhelming and cyclical. In this message, he calls on all citizens of the country to stand up and support Pakistanis. A case that provoked citizens’ anger. The residents of Kabul say that Hekmatyar is still Pakistani fan and always he will stand for the interest of Pakistan.

Kabul resident Ahmadullah said: “Kabul butch commander Hekmatyar once again showed that he is a slave and that the interests of Pakistan and ISI are more important to him than the national interests of Afghanistan. The country that is victimizing us every day now sees a dangerous attack on the Taliban in Helmand, where our youth were martyred, but still, he calls on the support of the worst enemy of Afghanistan and calls on Afghans to defend Pakistan.”

Others believe that Mr. Hekmatyar, the political leader of Afghanistan, is the enemy of this land. Abdul Qahar, another resident of Kabul, says: “Hekmatyar once again proved that he never cared about humanity. Countries that shelter terrorists should be suppressed in the same way. I think Mr. Hekmatyar is not in a good mood, and his recent request is the stupidest message that the Afghan citizens regard as a fancy of the day. ”

Following the tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad, several powerful countries in the region, such as Russia and China, backed India and the Americans announced that Indian attacks on the Kashmir area were under Pakistani government’s attack on terrorists.

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