Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

Today, a young man that his identity has not been publicized and was shot dead by armed robbers has been buried by his family. Some Twitter users wrote that the young man was killed in the sixth district of Kabul yesterday. These users have said that the armed robbers have killed this man in exchange for 1,000 AFN. “They buried a young man here today that thieves kill him for one thousand Afghani in Kabul on a bright day, perhaps in the midst of dozens of people in Kabul, Kabul is a city of terror, but worse than social responsibility have died in this city, the citizens also criticizing the security forces’ sat that they have reduced their efforts for decreasing of crimes amount in Kabul. Social and personal responsibility has died in humans, indifference to such events is more disastrous than the accident principle. ”

The incident comes at a time when an Interior Ministry officer was assassinated in Paghman district, and the third-district revenue director was shot dead in front of his office, and a 12 district the armed robber in the area of ​​the eighth district of Kabul entered a detachment and With the murder of the owner of this house, he took all his property with him.

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