Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Today, Friday, 1 March around 3 pm, Pakistan released the Indian pilot captured in the battle with Pakistani Air force after the crash of his fighter. Imran Khan said in a message to Indian politicians that, for goodwill, we released the pilot and now it’s time for India to act in the same way. Imran Khan did not request anything else from Delhi seriously except releasing of Tomato export. In his words, he emphasized that for good faith, Delhi should release the tomato export to Pakistan after tensions increased between two states.

Imran Khan said: “Pakistan has been facing the shortage of tomato for one week and our food is not enjoyable like it was in earlier days, we dare to show ourselves and released the Indian pilot, but now it’s time for Modi’s government to do the same step. But not with the liberation of the soldiers, except by sending tomatoes to Pakistan. ”

Following the tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad, India has cut all vegetable merchandise exports to Pakistan in particular tomatoes and has increased its exports to taxation by 200 percent. India has warned that they will not retreat from their positions and the conflict with Pakistan will be continued by the Indian side.

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