Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Perhaps fewer people have heard that insulting by the guards of president Ghani has been charged with punishment while they have harmed the citizens of the country, or maybe no one has heard that the government has ever had a decisive approach to this kind of acts. Two days ago, two presidential palace guards insulted the One TV director and severely abused him, Abdullah Khenjani, when was stopped with several other journalists to attend an off the record meeting of the presidential spokesperson, he went to the guard which was there and ask for the permission to allow him and other colleges and showing his identity card to go to soldiers for getting to government media center, but without any reasonable justification Mr Khenjani was beaten and insulted by the presidential guards.

Now presidential protection team claiming that some of the images allegedly assembled claim that the debate is not the same. At the height of the uprising, the presidential palace security chief told a group of journalists that their job is to prevent the assassination of the president, and whenever someone is in front of them, presidential guards are in the position to deal with this. The senior officials of this institution repeatedly emphasize that this was the only deterrent to Mr Khenjani from going to the place, and that’s enough because these guards were responsible for ensuring the security of the President’s journey.

While after the incident, a spokesman for the president and presidential guard head was gone to Mr Khenjani office and apologized to him for reviewing the case, it is not clear what time it will be investigated, but The latest in charge of this TV set says that there has not been any decision to file this case yet, and the promised promises remain intact.

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