Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

The Afghan Presidential Palace reacted to the recent Taliban warning after two days. Shah Hussain Mortazawi, the deputy presidential spokesman, said: “Freedom of expression is the achievement of the state and nation of Afghanistan, which has been gained with many sacrifices. The National Unity Government has always been working with responsible actions to provide this protection value and the context for its growth.”

According to Mr. Mortazawi: “The government has done its best to ensure the safety of journalists, media outlets and media activities through the creation of a” joint committee on governance and media “and the adoption of the security procedures for journalists, will not deny any effort in this regard. Threats which were made on behalf of targeting freedom of expression and the media, whatever would be its nature, are in conflict with human and Islamic values. “The statement comes in a time that the Taliban Military Commission warned the media that if their ads were not stopped on behalf of this group, they will target media outlets, institutions, and journalists as military targets.

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