Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

According to the Ministry of Interior Newsletter, Nabi Kouhbandi, the head of a criminal group, was arrested after clashes with the anti-terrorist forces in the capital Kabul. According to MOI newsletter: “The Nabi Kouhbandi was a dangerous and fugitive criminal who was running an organized criminal group he and his people were a part of the criminal offenses in the PD 9th d of Kabul. Which was arrested after short clashes with police.”

The Ministry of Interior’s newsletter has also written: “This criminal was arrested after being detained on Saturday in the Kabul Ninth Security Division, where he was arrested by police forces and arrested after being injured during police firing. Nabi has been responsible for a group of ten gunmen in Kabul, playing a key role in the robbery, raiding, plundering, and disrupting public order in the Ninth police district of ​​Kabul city after and anti-terrorism forces operation.”

The Ministry of Interior spoke about the arrest of a mafia group in Kabul in a time that earlier, one of the heads of other mafia gang called Enayat Qouchi, and he was killed in an armed clash with the police a few weeks ago.

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