Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Seyed Mojtaba Sadat

The commanders of the 209th Shahin Corps say that 3372 terrorists were killed, including 201 of their commanders in a year later in nine north and north-eastern provinces of the country.

Shahin Corps 209 Shahin writes a newsletter: During the operations of the security forces in the north and north-east of Iran, 3372 terrorists were killed, including 201 of their commanders, In the course of these operations, security forces in the northeastern provinces of the country have wounded 2,249 terrorist suspects including 53 commanders. As a result of operations, 173 detainees were arrested by security forces at battlefields, during this year, 436 terrorist and ISIL members surrendered to the security forces, while 2391 mines were discovered and exploded by security engineer teams.

The newsletter says: 577 scavengers. During this operation, 2097 weapons of different types, 2267 different vehicles and 226 communication interfaces have been handed over by the security forces.

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