Kabul-Afghanistan (P.M.G)

Reporter: Emran Khorasani

The independent election commission today (4th January) announced the parliamentary elections preliminary result of the Baghlan province and the Sikhs ethnicity in Afghanistan.

According to the results of Baghlan elections, Assadullah Shahbaz, Mohamad Azim Mohsni, Atiqullah Ramin, Mamor Ahmadzi, Mohamad Nasim Mudaber, Abdil Raziq Hashmi, Shokreya Esakhil and Noreya Hamedi are succeeded to be Representatives of Baghlan people in parliament.

Also Narandar Singh Khalsa is selected as representative of Sikhs in the parliament. The independent elections commission of Afghanistan has emphasized that these are the elementary results and after reviewing the complaints possibly these result will change. Meanwhile the parliamentary result of the Kabul province which was supposed to announced in (27th  of November 2018) is still unclear and independent election commission hasn’t said anything on this regard.


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