Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mahdi Nayibi

A family who has lost their newborn baby in Laghman claims that the lack of doctors in the central hospital of Laghman has caused the child to die. Mohammad Hashem, who works in the National Army, claims that while his wife was delivering her baby he took her pregnant patient to Laghman Public Health Clinic at 12:00 PM, but the lack of specialists in the gynecology ward at this hospital causes that his wife to have trouble and they wait until seven o’clock but up to that time the lost their baby.

“There was no doctor at the hospital from 12 pm to 7 in the morning,” Mohammad Hashem said. After the 7th doctors arrived, they took my wife and they do three operations until the child was expelled, but the baby had already died before the doctor arrived. “Meanwhile, reports show that since Laghman Public Health General Hospital has been out of date for three months since three specialists have resigned from their duties this quarter. With much effort, we could not have Laghman Public Health Directorate’s view.

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