Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shekib Zahir

Indian media have reported the death of a woman after her death in Karnataka, India.

According to Indian media, Indian media reported that a woman named (Malatachugoli) was taken to a hospital after suffering from an illness, she went to Kuma hospital several hours later. And doctors at the hospital told her that she was dead and they should have her mourning. But when she was asked to set her on fire to complete the ceremony, she was resurrected and it was astonishing to everyone.

The family (Malatachugoli) have said of their family member being resurrected after her death: “The hospital doctors have told us that Lady (Malatachugoli) is dead. We took her to the fireworks ceremony, when Miss (Malatachugoli) was buried. We were all shocked to find that she was unconscious. “

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