Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Morteza Haidari

The Afghan National Security Council advisor has ordered all security forces, especially the country’s air forces, to begin rescue mission to save citizens who are banned in floods especially all does victims in the southwest and northeast provinces of the country. “The National Security Council’s adviser, Hamdullah Moheb, has directed all Afghan security and defense forces, especially the air forces, to save the lives of citizens who are affected by the flood on the main road of their provinces or their homes,” the National Security Council said. ”

In this newsletter, citizens have been asked to contact their nearest security checkpoint if they find any problems. The head of the Defense Ministry, Asadullah Khalid, has also issued a decisive decree to the Air Forces to prepare for the largest rescue operation. According to MOD, more than 1,000 citizens have been rescued in southwestern provinces since last night.

The snow and heavy rainfall in Afghanistan have led to an increase in floods, reports show that at least 75 citizens have already lost their lives due to floods in the country.

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