Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

28 of September a historic and national day for Afghanistan future, despite all the challenges and insecurity, the citizens of this land witness this great national event in a secure environment. Citizens went to the polling stations to try their luck and use their clean vote to elect their president. But the low voter turnout at the polling stations has raised concerns. Citizens say the lack of election materials, technical challenges and the possibility of fraud at polling stations are the key reasons that make people turn out at polling stations.

“The database of the IEC staff has a lot of problems and unfortunately all the voters have the same problem that they can’t find their name in the voting list of the elections commissions,” said Ahmad Rashid, a resident of Taimany in the fourth district of Kabul. “I want to vote and my name was already on the Election Commission’s system and list earlier, but the staff at polling stations tell me that my name is not in their database and I can’t vote.”

The presidential election of Afghanistan began at 8 am today, and presidential candidate Mohammed Ashraf Ghani went to the polls. While the IEC has extended the voting process for another two hours, it is said that more than 75 percent of polling stations across the country are now open to citizens and that they can exercise their voting rights by going to voting centers.

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