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Reporter: Imran Khorasani

“Marcus Rodriguez Parentoza, a 72-year-old Spanish citizen who has no interest to live in the city and have a modern lifestyle, he has lived for many years in a cave among the wolves, and so he cannot easily get familiar with the humans. This man narrates the story of his life as follows: “I was three years old when I lost my mother, and after this incident, my father gave me a shepherd’s stepfather, a worker who was spending his live in supporting goat shepherd. After a short time, this shepherd’s disappeared, but I went to the forest to get bread in search of food until I saw some small wolves and I started to play with them after a while and I fell asleep with them after a couple of hours with these wolves, when I woke up suddenly I saw the parent of this small wolves covering me, a scary moment for me, for some time if feel that they will eat me. ”

Marcus continues: “After I woke up, I saw that they surrounded me, I was very scared, and I thought the wolves will kill me to have a delicious meal, but this did not happen, and the mother wolves’ trough a piece of meat to me. She brought me to my pigs as food, but I was afraid I did not make any move until the mother wolf came closer and licked me with her tongue. Then she wanted to let me know that I could count on them and they are assured that I can be one of them as well. »

Marcus defined the end of his prosecutor as follows: “for 12 years and up to the time I became a young at the age of19, a young man who was completely accustomed to the lives of wolves, and behaved just like them, until a police officer found me and took me to the city. Marcos Rodriguez Parentoza says he has never been able to adapt to the lives of humans and he is still trying to get back to the mountains and among the animals, especially the wolves.

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