Reporter: S. Mojtaba Sadat

Afghanistan after 2002 and the collapse of the Taliban witnessed the formation of a new system with a different structure than the past.

This time, the NATO specialists of the United States have come together and have dragged Afghanistan’s security and defense forces up to now, whose forces have now shielded themselves against terrorist groups and are at the forefront of the battle with global terrorists every day. Sacrifice

At present, the Afghan security and defense forces are composed of three key institutions (the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Defense and the National Directorate of National Security), which considers the responsibility of the Ministry of Interior police forces to combat criminal offenses and fight terrorists. To be National Army forces are also responsible for fighting terrorists and defending the country’s territorial integrity, and the NDS is ultimately responsible for the discovery and collection of intelligence information.

But in the face of conflicts with countries in the region, which are a big trouble for Afghanistan, the country is in the position of some of the world’s military powers. In this report, we compared the capabilities of Afghan and Pakistani security forces.

Afghan security forces include Afghan National Army, National Police and National Directorate of Security.

But the Pakistani army includes ground, naval, air and air force troops.

Annual budget:

Afghanistan: $ 11.5 billion

Pakistan: 6 billion and 630 million dollars

Military power in the world (among 126 countries)

Afghanistan: 66th largest military power in the world

Pakistan: 13th largest military power in the world

Total troops:

Afghanistan: 200 thousand tons

Pakistan: 620 thousand tons

According to military experts, Afghanistan is weaker than Pakistan in terms of strength, equipment and military capabilities. But the Afghan security forces have gone through tests in the 18 years before the Pakistani military. As the Afghan security forces have been able to provide a toothpick response to Pakistani forces and defend themselves from the ground, in several of the Afghan security forces’ conflicts. Atiqullah Amarkhail, an expert on military issues in an interview with the Pasbanan, said: “The Afghan security forces are not like the past, and now it has changed a lot, so that US military supplies do not allow the country’s security forces, Pakistan, Iran and other countries to Attacking Afghanistan or waging war. ”

He added: “The current conflict is being fought by Afghan security forces, and the efforts of the Afghan forces have led to security in the country.” Foreign forces only support and train, but the main warfare is done by Afghan security forces.

At present, Afghan security forces, especially the country’s air forces, are strengthening their allies, and Afghanistan is expected to be the best military power in the region by the end of 2024. At present, Afghan security forces have made significant gains in the fight against terrorist attacks, and have been able to train the best special forces in the region, in collaboration with US and NATO forces, which are more vulnerable to landing, guerilla attacks and terrorist attacks. Which will be funded and funded more by the countries of the region, especially Pakistan. In addition, it is expected that Afghan security forces will soon be able to seize up-to-date equipment and advanced aircraft.

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