Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

The Afghan Ministry of Defense announces the capture of 58 frontier police officers in Balamirqab, Badghis province. The soldiers were captured after the Taliban’s recent assault on Badghis province, Morghab.

Qais Mangal spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, publishing a video on his Twitter page, said that attempts to free those captured soldiers continued, he added. As a result of the severe attacks by the enemy on Badakhshan district of Badghis province, besides the severe resistance of the Afghan security and defense forces, which resulted in massive casualties to the enemy, unfortunately, 58 of the border troops have been captured by the enemy. ”

This is while the insurgents attacked the border police shells three days ago. In his message to Mangal, nearly 60 frontier and civilian personnel have escaped to Turkmenistan and returned to Afghanistan through the port of tourists. He has not figured out how many civilians have been refugees to Turkmenistan.

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