Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

Almas Bawar Zakhilwal, a financial and administrative director of the Ministry of Energy and Water, said today that the ministry has been involved in water resources management, which includes construction of sections, irrigation canals, Consolidation of coastal seas and water conservation projects, completed and commissioned 251 projects.

According to him, more than 146567 families benefit directly from these projects.

In addition, according to the MoFIN and the Ministry of Energy and Water, five major infrastructure projects are under construction, and the bill of tasks for detailed design studies of the remaining eight items has been completed and scheduled for 1398 during the procurement process.

Mr. Zakhilwal further described the plans of the ministry that in the area of consolidation of coastal seas in 1397, forty-two consolidation projects have been implemented in villages and villages of the country and its construction work has been completed. The construction, construction, design, construction and construction phases of 65 reinforcement projects in five maritime areas have also begun and are ongoing.

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