Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sayed Mujtaba Sadat

The Ministry of Defense has released a newsletter that acting defense minister Assad Allah Khalid thanked the Afghan commandos who released several Afghan forces from Taliban prison in southern Afghanistan during a meeting with these prisoners. According to the newsletter, Mr. Khalid has instructed the air forces of the country to transfer these troops to their provinces as they live in different parts of Afghanistan. Khalid has said:” The efforts of the army’s commandos have been excellent and they should their courage during the release of these troops, and we are grateful for these efforts, we now call on the air forces to help these newly released soldiers and send them to their homes safely.” he said.

The Defense Ministry also wrote that the visit took place in Kandahar, and in addition, Khalid ordered the forces in Kandahar to do any effort to provide better security for the province, he has also ordered that the Afghan forces must take new measures to secure the province.

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