Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khorasani

A meeting between Afghan political figures and senior Taliban representatives ended after two days of talks.

This joint statement is signed. “The two sides have discussed the key issues related to the fate of the Afghan people, the future of peace and stability, and the ways to achieve security in the country at a two-day summit in Moscow, and they have emphasized the common will to achieve a sense of lasting and comprehensive peace in Afghanistan. »

The resolution also continues to discuss the continuation of the Bainul-Afghani negotiations, the establishment of a ceasefire, the protection of civilian life, the release of prisoners, the withdrawal of foreign forces, and the interruption of foreign interventions. And also on the consolidation of the Islamic system, the preservation of territorial integrity and national unity with respect to women’s rights has been another issue discussed between the two sides at the Moscow summit.

The joint statement of the Bainul-Afghani meeting of Moscow stated that “these negotiations were conducted in a sincere atmosphere based on the spirit of cooperation, and the parties reached some good agreements and improvements”, but the announcement did not mention the details of these agreements and advances.

According to the statement, due to some issues requiring further discussion, two parties have agreed to continue the talks.

Moscow on the 16th and 17th of the last year also hosted the first round of Afghan politicians talks. Representatives of the government did not attend the meeting last year.

Representatives of the government were also scheduled to attend the second meeting of the Moscow Interfax, but the Taliban group has opposed them.

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