Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Firdous Rasouli

The election of Speaker for the House of Representatives has been carried to the level that the People’s Representatives in the Afghan parliament engage to physical clashes and even break the table and the seat of the Speaker. This issue has now provoked the anger of the citizens, and in response to this issue a Kabul citizen protest against the parliament members in Kabul with raising a beautiful slogan: “I wish India instead of building a parliament building for Afghans would build a dairy farm, so that the nation benefited from its dairy in daily bases.” The sharpest possible criticism has been made by the members of the House of Representatives.

The protest is now in getting familiar with Twitter and has sparked some reactions. Syed Tayeb Jawad, a former ambassador to Afghanistan in London, said that the strange desire of a citizen who is tired of the parliamentary stalemate shows that everyone is tired of this situation and that this mismanagement should soon be overcome.

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