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Reporter: Mojtaba Sadat

A “miracle maker” who wants to have 2500 children, is actually a potential threat to the health of women who have started their journey to get sperm donated by this American citizen. The man named “Joey Donner”, he is the international donor of sperm who came to Australia in January to complete the mission of female pregnancy how much he is able to do it.

He travels around the globe with the mission of making women pregnant as much as it possible. He claims that so far, he is father of 100 children in several countries of the globe, and his goal is to have 2,500 children around the world.

Joy Donor never reveals his original name, but in an interview with 60-minute program, he has identified himself as an American citizen, according to Joey donor, he has been conducting sperm motility in the United States, South America and Australia, claiming to donate 800 times the amount of sperm has been able to give birth to 100 babies with different women.

“Basically my sexual relationship and sperm donation to the women is aimed to make them pregnant, not to enjoy it and fantasy for this act” he says in a 60-minute interview.

But the work of the American citizen donor has come up with a lot of reactions, and it is believed that the continuation of this process could make worse the health of the women who are bothering him or using his sperm to become pregnant. Meanwhile, the most of the women whom are customers of this American men are women at the age of 20 to 40 years old. Joey donor believes that the best way to carry women pregnancy is to have physically sex and intercourse, and he prefers to get used to replacing artificial implants with many women around the world. The American citizen has outraged some attorneys in Australia, they emphasized that the continuation of this situation could worsen the health of women who have been hit by donor clients.

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