Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Emran Khurasani

Perhaps the shadow of war and frustration in Afghanistan has taken power from anyone’s bottom to the point where deadly and insurgent events in Afghanistan lessen the beliefs of the future and lessen the level of citizen’s confidence in achieving the bright future, but sometimes the young generation efforts to survive and achieve a brilliant future in this land give fresh hope to the citizens of Afghanistan. In the most recent case, the young generation of technical engineers in the field of electrical engineering in Kabul held an exhibition in which the most interesting inventions of the students of the field were presented.

The exhibition was held at one of the Kabul technical institutes, where dozens of engineering and mechanical students studied. What is portrayed in this exhibition is the inventions of that young generation who have created extra-ordinary tools from the untapped tools and in some way presents new technologies? The exhibition features a variety of stunning gadgets developed by the youths of Afghanistan, featuring audio amplifiers, electric sweeper, electric car, power car, and various tools.

Kabul Institute of Technology authorities says youth initiatives will increase beliefs for a bright future in Afghanistan. He stresses that no profitable person will be allowed to shake down the youth’s abilities and efforts and ruin their initiatives. The Kabul Technical Instructor warns those involved in the educational affairs of the agency that the Afghan youth are more aware of the past and will never give the interventionists the opportunity to challenge the education process in the country.

The exhibition is being held while Afghanistan is currently in need of more neighboring and foreign technical sectors. But technical students in the country say that if they would be supported by their government, they have wonderful ideas that can bring Afghanistan into its own in the technology sector.

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