Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Moner Mukhtar

A number of members of House of Representatives have claimed that the after tensions between Afghan MP’s these tensions led to violence and conflict. Abdul Rauf Anami, a representative of Badakhshan people in the House of Representatives, said: “After the tensions between the House of Representatives who were agreed and disagreed with appointment of Rahmani as Parliament Speaker and supporters of Kamal Naser Osole violated the parliament, during these clashes at least five National Security Council guards were beaten until they were wounded during this incident.”

Mr. Anami has also emphasized that after the event, the gates of the parliament were closed and none of the members of the organization was given the opportunity to enter the parliament. Meanwhile, the Chief of Staff of the Afghan House of Representatives has said that the security forces in the parliament have been wounded, but it remains to be seen how the guards have been beaten by the factions.

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