Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

The Chief Executive Office of the National Unity government during a meeting with Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi has expressed hope in his office that Islamabad will work closely with Afghanistan government to fight against terrorism in the country. According to the Sapidar Palace Newsletter, the National Unity Government CEO has raised optimism that the new government of Pakistan will work more proactively to fight terror and improve relations between the two countries.

The press office of Chief Executive office has written in a newsletter said: “The Pakistani foreign minister has said that he has come to Kabul with a message of consolidation and improvement of relations between the two countries.” Mr. Qureshi continues to emphasize that: “there are challenges and difficulties in relations between the two countries, but the new Pakistani government, led by Imran Khan, will work with Afghanistan to improve the situation.”

At the summit, the Pakistani delegation has pledged to continue to cooperate with the National Unity Government for peace and reconciliation, peace talks, anti-terrorism, asylum seekers with the national unity government of Afghanistan.

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