Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Ahmad Shekib Zahir

The North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, for the United States, has given one year the opportunity to make his own behavior better with this country, so that he will meet and meet with Mr. Trump for the third time. Kim Jong-un urges the TRM to seek a “just” an acceptable deal for both countries. Mr. Kim said that the United States believes that if it pushes us on, it can make us happy and obedient.

He calls on the United States to abandon its hostile methods and behave properly. Earlier, Mr. Trump and Kim Jong-un had two meetings that disagreements over nuclear disarmament did not make any difference between the two leaders.

Mr. Trump said North Korean officials demanded that all economic sanctions be lifted in exchange for the closure of a major nuclear site that he did not agree to. North Korea has not accepted Mr. Tramp’s claim about the failure to negotiate.

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