Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sanaullah Nawabi

The days that are considered to be an economic worry for the citizens of Afghanistan. Theft and the hidden networks of telecoms, which squeeze the throats of poor citizens every day and took their money in to their pocket as profits for the worst telecommunication services. The government, on the other hand, receives 10 percent of the tax on which the process of collecting and using this amount of money is still a mystery to every citizen. Strange adventures these days are happening, such as different phone numbers of foreigners are rushing to call the Afghan citizens and they have made a line for stealing customers’ credit cards from their cell phones for as long as they can. Or, the short numbers made by the device (3040, 1130, 8800, 8888, 242 …) call the mobile phones of citizens and steal multiply the amount of money added on their phones. However, the adventure became as a mechanism after the beginning of the national unity government era.

The government has become a close partner with the telecom companies since 2015, and so far this trend has continued. In the tenth year of 1394, the government began by publishing a telephony that blurred the face of citizens: “According to the provisions of the law on telecommunications services of the Islamic State of Afghanistan, on the first day of 1394, ten percent of the telecommunication product exceeds the amount of credit The customers of all telecommunications companies are set up and transferred to the state account.”

During the last months of Mr. Ghani’s Presidency, the citizens have lost their patience on the services provided to the users of telecom companies, and a social campaign has been set up to get an answer from the authorities in these networks, the most populated Facebook, filled with protest and the voices of the citizens of the country. This campaign has been launched under the name “#where_is_ATRA?” The users of the telecommunication networks in their outbursts have listed strange cases as complaints of non-standard services for the Internet and other services. Shannem Populzai, one of the users, wrote: “For two hours, there is a damn Internet, God damn ATRA to the head of the robbery team.” Naeem Nazari wrote in a comment: “This sound is up to the reach to truth, and it will not turn off until we did not get our rights. The subject is the right of the people; we do not want anything more than our right. #Where is_ATRA? ”

With the efforts of our team, we could not have the view of the head of ATRA, or the Ministry of Telecommunications, in this regard. Concerns are being raised when there are reports that the 4G or Internet Service Provider in Afghanistan does not have the ability to provide services and its tools are lagging behind the current day’s needs.

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