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Reporter: Shekib Ahmad Zaheer

According to an Indian media, Mastanama was the oldest youtuber of the world, who died at the age of 180 a few days ago in Canada. According to reports, she created a YouTube channel two years ago in the name of (country foods), mainly with the content of cooking. She was an old age woman of the world by producing cooking content videos that build up a big audience in YouTube, the videos attracted thousands of people while cooking ordinary dishes and meals. Her grandson was the mastermind of creating this YouTube channel for Mastanama, which earned a lot of money by doing so. According to the videos released on her YouTube channel she used ordinary tools such as a knife, Dishes and a boiler in her cooking videos.

However, she was cooking dishes from leaves of trees, and banana. Her famous food was cooking of chicks in watermelon. She did not try to cook like other chefs, she was the sample and her cooking style was very ordinary and sample. Currently, this female YouTube channel has 1.2 million followers, and each video has seen by 200 million people. While a few months ago the oldest woman disappeared from YouTube channels and producing updated videos, and finally the news came in front of her audience that she has passed away. The most shocking news which has upset her followers.


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