Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Lutfullah Nejrabi

The secretariat of the celebration of the 19th august the 100th Anniversary of the Afghanistan Independence day has published a newsletter stating postponing of the opening ceremony of the Daralaman Palace. According to a statement in which Wahid Qetali the head of the Independence Day secretariat has been quoted, the office of the government affairs has highlighted: “According to the guidance of the President of the country, to honor the martyrs of 17th august of Kabul and to honor the deceased survivors of the oppressed martyrs we Postpones the reopening ceremony of Daralaman to another time. In honor of the independence of the country and all the martyrs of the freedom path and independence of Afghanistan, tomorrow the 28th of Assad (19 August) we will officially celebrate the independence of the country together with the official statement of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and the Supreme Leader of the country and put a large flower on the independence monument. This day would be held with all praise and honor. ”

The newsletter also states: “The Government of Afghanistan is obliged to be with the Afghan people in sorrow and joy and expresses its condolences with the launch of the Great Quran Concluding Ceremony.” The opening ceremony of Afghanistan Daralaman palace is delayed in a time when, at 10:40 on Sunday night, an ISIS attacker blow up himself among guests at a wedding in PD 6 of Kabul. The incident left at least 63 dead and 183 injured.

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