Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

According to a press release issued by the presidential press office, President Ghani went to the province before lunch (Thursday, April 22) to check the security and economic situation in Faryab Province.

The newsletter also states that Mr. Ghani has opened a project for the start of the Meymana Water Supply Network, the commencement of a cultural complex and a mosque, and the launch of a Vladi hospital in the province.

Mr. Ghani travels to Faryab while the province recently witnessed the floods that plagued a large portion of its residents.

President Ghani, in a meeting with members of the Faryab Provincial Council, said that “the government’s focus is on water retention to get rid of floods and droughts.”

Ghani also said that efforts to provide comprehensive security in the province have already begun: “A security corps has been put in place, and a major investment in the 215th Corps is underway in order to provide comprehensive security”.

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