Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad Din Agharkhail

Some of Kapisa’s local sources confirm to the Prambanan news agency that a number of local officials in the province deliberately left the three major strategic valleys of Nijrab district to the Taliban. This source, which did not want to be named, emphasizes that the security officials of Kapisa directly have supported the Taliban in the fall down of these valleys. “If we look to the Military balance and power in Kapisa, especially if we look to this issue in three strategic valleys, of Pachaghan, Ghana, and Afghania, the number of security forces in Nijrab district are much higher than the number of Taliban.” the source said in a conversation with Prambanan News agency. He also highlighted: “I believe that it is impossible for at least 20 to 30 Taliban fighters have targeted these three strategic valleys with the most basic equipment, undeniably I believe that Taliban were fully supported by some locals to drop down these points to Taliban hands. ”

“The conflict in these three Nijrab Strategic Valleys lasted at least three hours, while at least Army, police and uprising forces possibly around 900 soldiers were stationed in the Pachaghan and Ghain valleys,” the source added. “In addition to these force Afghan army third Brigade of201 Selab Corps were also based in these strategic valleys and they were completely controlling the two valleys. But now as we see that 20 to 30 Taliban fighters target these strategic areas and they launch a short battle, it represents the fact that the Pachaghan, Ghain and Afghania Valley have been deliberately entombed to the Taliban. ”

Meanwhile, another source also confirms that these three Nijrab strategic points have been assigned to the Taliban’s during a planned conspiracy. The sources do not name one person or a specific official in Kapisa, so far, no reports have been submitted on the recapture of these areas by the security forces yet.

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