Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Shersha Nawabi

Members of the European Parliament say that the absence of women in the process of Taliban-US peace talks has been marginalized. Nina Gill, a representative of the British in the European Union Parliament, says that with their EU-funded EU investment in women, they now expect women to be at the forefront of all political positions. Ms. Gill says: “We need to ensure that all minorities can live in Afghanistan, so when we have this agreement, we should not forget the share of women and minorities. We want more women to be involved in governance and other key positions, any talks that have been conducted with the Taliban, we must make sure that women are in key positions in these talks. ”

The British politician in the European Parliament emphasizes that America’s efforts to achieve unilateral peace would end to the failure if they did not recognize the role of women, which the West’s 18-year-old achievement of the Afghan government is considered to be, is alarming. “We are concerned about the status of women in the future of Afghanistan,” she added. Whenever the Taliban reaches a position and do not fulfill their obligations on behalf of women, then such peace and dialogue that is imposed on the people of Afghanistan will never be acceptable to EU Union states.”

“It’s unacceptable for women that their role should be marginalized in peace talks with the Taliban and the increase of violence in Afghanistan at the present time for us is worrying and concerning point, we believe that the women in Afghanistan are sacrificed every day,” said Ana Gomez, a Portuguese member in the European Parliament. To be While this issue has been ignored by the United States, and along with it in the European Union, all the reverse images are reflected in the context of the situation in Afghanistan, and they insist that we have come to the understanding with the Taliban again on the basis of several paper documents, I think this won’t be acceptable to us. ”

While the Afghan government, by launching a national consensus on 1,500 women in Kabul, called for active participation of women in peace talks and the preservation of its successes.

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