Kabul-Afghanistan (GSP):

Reporter: Mehdi Naibi

The Ministry of Education has announced that teachers’ salary plans have been sent to the presidential palace. The spokesman for the Ministry of Education said Nouriyeh Najjat Najrabi said that the tuition fee for “80 Afghani daily” is the implementation of regional privileges and monthly salary bonuses of “500 Afghani for teachers of BC and 1,000 Afghani for teachers for 14 passes” of the fundamental cases included in this plan. Has been.

“The insignificance of the teachers’ salaries, the payment of one part of the monthly salary, car rental for returning to duty, the non-payment of professional privileges for graduates of twelve and fourteen, and non-payment of regional privileges by teachers are among the problems that are occurring Present teachers are struggling with it. ”

The Ministry of Education has expressed hope that, with the approval of the plan, the leadership of the National Unity Government will provide teachers with a sense of tranquility to raise the quality of education in the country. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education spokesman emphasizes that the organization is committed to improving the lives of teachers, and is also trying to distribute them to retirement apartments in long-term installments.

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