Written: Sonatullah Temor

Afghanistan’s security and defense forces have become popular among the people at all times and enjoy unprecedented support from the Afghan people. The people of Afghanistan, especially the youth of this land, define the army as a national identity and national pride, and they consider the pride and pride of the Afghan people, in every situation, alongside this force.

Now that the Afghan defense and security forces are more capable than ever before, acting independently and ready to target the enemies of the Afghan people, they are ready to sacrifice and sacrifice, this debate is important to every citizen of Afghanistan, and Afghans in every corner of the world realize this dream. Now they consider the national values and the dreams of their ancestors, and they consider the value and protection of this achievement as a national responsibility.

The majority of Afghans believe that the main feature of this army, which distinguishes the former armies from these forces, is that it is prepared by the legitimate system and all Afghan politicians, with the combination of all ethnicities. The youth and civil society activists believe that, in essence, this army will remain united because it has become a symbol of national identity and unity. Army officers are trained nationally, regardless of which ethnic group they are affiliated with and are more experienced and equipped each day against the enemy.

Since the Taliban lack a national strategy and do not have the credibility of the people, the army will remain steadfast in their dreams, and it will also be in the spirit of the people that the Taliban and the rest of the terrorist groups will become more hated by the passage of time, they lose themselves.

The successful operations of this force after nearly three decades of the past year by air to suppress the enemy, releasing people from the carnage of the kidnappers, and the discovery and targeting of terrorist hideouts are successfully completed, which is comparing the current army of Afghanistan with Formerly distinct armies make their power stronger. Afghan troops trained and trained NATO troops in Afghanistan, in this regard, the military and military style of the country are in accordance with Western tactics and are more successful and more modern than the Pakistani military in terms of tactical warfare. The Afghan army, which was by far the largest consumer of Russian equipment, is now targeting western weapons, and its military is looking at NATO standards and is coordinating more. Earlier, Mr. Ghani, the president of Afghanistan, had announced that the United States would contribute $ 860 million to equip the Afghan Air Force, and by 2018 the Afghan army will be equipped with American aircraft.

He said that the reason for delaying the process of equipping Afghan Army Air Force forces was that all Afghan pilots were familiar with the system of Russian planes, and after sanctions against Russia, Afghanistan could not buy Russian planes. Mr. Ghani says hundreds of Afghan pilots are currently training in the United States.

According to the Afghan Ministry of Defense newsletters, it now has all the equipment of the Afghan National Army (ANA), such as tanks and American light weapons. Armed forces equipped with American aircraft can also help coordinate these forces. On the other hand, for the first time, the Afghan army has been equipped with American black hockey ribs, and in order to target the enemy, the Afghan pilots, along with other modern combat vehicles, use them independently and always go to the enemy.

Most importantly, the Afghan people, with all the strength of the current army in every condition, declared their opposition to the current strength of Afghanistan as a forceful and morally strong force. Despite the efforts of neighboring countries to eliminate this force, the Afghan army has succeeded. And annually destroyed hundreds of foreign-equipped weapons with weapons in the corners of the country, and have always been successful in their plight.

Although the army of Dr. Najibullah’s time looked at the quality and the quality with the current army, the current army, despite the casualties, with their long spirits and patriotism, are considered sacred every day, their feelings and pride are unparalleled, and operations Successful night-time air and other issues are the ones that make the current army more distinct, powerful and popular among the people at any given time.

This is while the (28th Feb) day of the soldier’s day is also named by the government, and every year the Afghan people are grateful to the Afghan security forces for donating clusters of flowers and going to the trenches.

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