Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Sherzad Mohammadi

Following the funniest remarks by Imran Khan as he proposed of forming an interim government in Afghanistan, the US ambassador in Kabul wrote on his Twitter that cricket methods are ineffective in politics. Moments After these remarks, Pakistani human rights minister Shireen Mazari on Twitter, called the US ambassador to Kabul, “pigmy and unaware of politics”. In the most recent article, Ms. Mazari on Twitter quoted the Turkish media as saying: “while John bass was serving as US ambassador to Turkey in 2017, he was carrying out all the political downsides in Istanbul, and he is now struggling to bring the evil in the south Asian region as well.”

These statements have now sparked some social media users’ sharp reactions, and some believe that Ms. Mazari latest allegation and insult to the US ambassador in Kabul will worsen diplomatic relations between the United States and Pakistan. Others also said that these statements were contrary to the principles of diplomacy.


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