Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Report and Image: Morteza Heidary

In the last match of the Afghan Football Premier League semi-final, the Toofan Harirod struck De Abasin Sapay, the match started so attacking in the interest of Toofan Harirod and they managed to defeat his opponent with four goals and with this victory they change their faith to be the second finalist of these games and play in the final match with Shahen Asmaye after four years’ absence. In the 10th minute of the match Toofan Harirod scored their first goal and succeeded in reaching the first goal with a penalty kick from Rahmatullah Khairkhah. in the first half players of De Abasin Sapay managed several attacking points, but they were unable to make any goal on their name their kicks were not accurate at the recent blows until the first half ended in favor of the Toofan Harirod.

With the start of the second half, it was also Toofan Harirod who control the match. As long as De Abasin Sapay players scored a goal, but the referee declared the goal offside. In the sequel, it was Toofan Harirod, who carried out their attacks on the goal of De Abasin Sapay, until 73 minutes, the second goal of Toofan was in tremendous attack, they did not give up on the attack. But again, the Toofan Harirod reached to their third goal in a 79th minutes of the match as managing counterattack. This was not the end, and two minutes later, with the second of Rauf Qaderi, recorded the fourth and final goal of Toofan Harirod in his name. and by this outstanding play they managed to be the second team to reach the finals and play against Shahen Asmaye in the finals.

At the end of the visit, Rauf Qaderi become best player in the field. The final game would be played by powerful teams of Shahen Asmaye and Toofan Harirod at 6pm, in Kabul Football stadium.

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