Reporter: Shakir Sangi

The country’s executive director responded to Mohammad Mohaqiq’s dismissal and said that the national unity government was based on an agreement between the two leading electoral teams to establish a legitimate government and to maintain stability and consensus, to reform the spirit of cooperation and the decision to establish a joint Attendance was based on domestic and international witnesses.

The press office of the country’s executive director has been broadcasting a newsletter: The recent announcement of the dismiss of Professor Mohammad Mohaqeq, deputy head of the executive directorate, is completely in contradiction with the spirit of the political agreement on the formation of a national unity government. Any unilateral decision contrary to the spirit of the national unity government at this critical historical stage will weaken the spirit of national unity, co-operation and provoke instability. The national unity government, which was formed in the aftermath of the 2014 electoral crisis under the Kabul Accord, will continue to hold the next presidential election and form the next legitimate government.

While, Mohammad Mohaqeq has registered himself as a second deputy of Mohammad Hanif Atmar election group.

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