Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Qudratullah Lashkari

The former head of National Directorate of Security and presidential candidates Rahmatullah Nabil has said that he will mediate between the parties after a high conflict between police forces and supporters of Ata Mohammad Noor and former police chief of Balkh and presidential palace, Rahmatullah Nabil has written on his Facebook page: “I am prepared to work with a group of political elites to end this tension between Atta Mohammad Noor and the presidential palace.”

Mr. Nabil continues, “As a nation, we have left behind the disasters and the bigger problems with dialogue and tolerance, let our beloved people not be bitter for the futile games of these sweet days.” Today, Balkh province was changed to a battlefield between the forces affiliated with Atta Mohammad Noor and former Balkh commander with the security forces. But today, Raqib Mobarez was introduced as the new commander of Balkh Province, and he officially started work after some heavy clashes in Balkh Province.

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