Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

For the first time, an Afghan movie “Anjam”, which was filmed in Afghanistan in 2008, has hit YouTube on record-breaking cinematic films. This cinematic film entered YouTube for the first time in 2012, and since then the film produced and directed by Baser Mujahid has been seen at least one million two hundred twenty-one thousand five hundred And five times ” by the viewers in YouTube which is a remarkable achievement for Afghanistan Cinema.

Baser Mujahid, the main character of this movie in Contact with Pasbanan News Agency has said: “After reviewing this, film which was uploaded for the first time on YouTube several years ago has taken this record. After our evaluation of this film, I realized that, contrary to the view that there is not enough audience in the Afghan cinema, the film showed that Afghan movies could also have a good place, and YouTube hits are now more encouraging for us. From the past up to now we wish people around the world that they could see this film more and share their views with us.”

The main performers of this movie are Afghan artists Baser Mujahid and Arian Khan, this film was produced and also directed by Afghan filmmakers Baser Mujahid in 2008, the story of this movie is based on the criminal and social problems of Afghan youth and society. The film has been welcomed by the people of Afghanistan while it was gone in the cinemas.

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