Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

After US President Donald Trump stated that he is able to end the Afghan conflict in a short time but does not want that 10 million Afghan citizens to be eliminated and the country will be destroyed from the world map, now Russia has responded to these declarations of US President Donald Trump. The Russian embassy in Kabul insists that these sayings have a slogan base. The Russian embassy in Kabul has been broadcasting a newsletter: “Reactions in Afghanistan have drawn attention to the recent remarks by the United States President Donald Trump on the” immediate “resolution of the Afghan war. The Russian embassy in Kabul did not approve such slogan and statements and suggest that proposing opportunities to expedite the process of resolving the issue of Afghanistan without violent military methods, even based on these hypotheses, and advocating the settlement of the situation in Afghanistan through political and Depolmation. ”

The Russian embassy in Kabul also has written that the Soviet Union was expelled from the country due to the state of the conflict in Afghanistan, and that decision was taken by the leadership of that time. “During the Soviet Union’s presence in the country, nearly 140 major civilian projects, 1500 km of roads in Afghanistan were built, as well as several thousand highly skilled professionals in different fields were trained. In addition to practical assistance, huge financial resources – almost $ 18 billion were donated to Afghanistan. At the same time, the Russian Federation gave the USSR debt to the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan equivalent to 11.2 billion dollars in 2007. ”

The Russian embassy said that all of the above can not be considered a unit of the 40-year of Afghan conflict, since the parties now considered to be Russia’s withdrawal from Afghanistan were at that time the opponents of the regime, and the current government and the crisis Afghanistan’s 18-year-old since 2001 has been the key to Washington’s response to its fight.

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