Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mortaza Haidary

Moscow today hosted a trilateral summit with participation of the United States, China and Russia for the second time in connection with the current situation in Afghanistan. According to reports, Afghan Taliban peace talks have also been discussed in this meeting, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s newsletter also states: “Zalmai Khalilzad attended the delegation from the United States, Zamir Kabulov represented the delegation of Russia and Deng Shijong have been representing China. It will be said that during these discussions the three side will also discuss the issue of the Afghan peace talks. ”

The meeting will be held while European and US countries after the meeting in London announced that the future of Afghanistan is in hand of the Afghan citizens. They also emphasized on the need of holding a peace talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government and other parties must be resumed soon in Qatar.

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