Kabul – Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Mohammad din Agharkhail

National Directorate of Security officials has stated that their forces were able to seize two large explosives caches of weapon and explosive material as a result of a special forces operation in Kabul province. According to the NDS newsletter, these two major explosives and weapon hideouts have been discovered and one person was detained in connection with the incident in Kabul’s Bagram district.

“Mohammad Ishaq, son of Haji Shano, a member of the Haqqani network from Bagram district of Kabul, has been arrested,” the newsletter adds. According to confessions, the detainee confiscated 16 mines, 50 kilograms of explosives, 2 mines remote control, 30 meters of explosive filters, which were operated by the National Directorate of Security Forces. The newsletter also states that these types of equipment were seized and all mines were neutralized.”

According to the NDS press release, special forces of the National Directorate of Security also seized five-barreled Kalashnikov five-barreled weapons from the 9th district of Kabul city in a raid.

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