Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Follad Ahangaran

Printing of Afghan National flag in bathroom Rug and Mats and putting these products for selling it to the Amazon website has provoked the anger of Afghan citizens inside and outside the country. Some Kabul citizens have called this act deliberate and insist that the powerful countries of the world are seeking to insult to the Afghan people. Abdul Hamid Sarir, a Kabul citizen, says: “The publication of the Afghan Flag at the Rug and Mats of the bathrooms is a big insult to a nation that due to their sacrifice today Terrorists does not target the US and Europe’s countries. We condemn this act and strongly request from the Amazon website and the US government to do not increase the distance between the citizens of Afghanistan and the United States and quickly remove this item from the website. ”

This approach has also raised the anger of the country’s citizens outside of Afghanistan. Najibullah Noorani, who lives outside of Afghanistan, has responded sharply to the website of “change.org” and has stated: “It is disrespect to our national flag and written verse of the Holy Quran on it and it is against our national and religious values. We demand Amazon issue apology statement and remove this product as soon as possible and blacklist this seller. Having this on Amazon can affect US/Canadian interest abroad, can create a threat to American/Canadian citizens and service member abroad.”

So far, the Afghan government has not spoken out on this issue, with a number of citizens outside the Afghan border trying to hire an attorney at the earliest opportunity and claiming a claim on the Amazon website.

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