Reporter: Khalid Noorzad

According to the local media reports The Taliban, in response to Ghani’s recent statements about the group’s dependence with Pakistan and other countries, have urged him to explain to Afghanistan people about his dependence with Western countries, also the group claimed that they were not affiliated with any country or group, and their relations with other countries were based on mutual respect.

Meanwhile few days ago president Ghani ask from Taliban to explain their communication with Pakistan and told that this issue should change to a local issue in country. Taliban in reaction for Ghani’s Talks told that Taliban by making calls to other countries wants to send their message to other countries and Pakistan is also one of these countries and instead this group ask from president Ghani to explain his relation with the western countries.

This group has emphasized that president of Afghanistan has spent his entire education and training in the United States and he should explain about this issue for Afghanistan people.

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