Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Soraya Ahadi

Scientists have confirmed that the shortage of women in the world has been plagued, and now the world faces a shortage of 23 million women.

Magazine (L e Figaro) writes that today’s world is facing at least a shortage of 23 million women, a disagreement in 12 countries. This phenomenon is more prominent in India and China, and 11.9 million boys and 10.6 million children were born in 1970-2017.

One of the major causes of this phenomenon in Asian countries, especially China, is the policy of every family that abortion is their child, and in many Asian countries, the mother abandon her child if she knows the sex of a girl if she is a girl. There are, on average, 104 males per 100 females per day, of which there are more than 250,000 men in Canada. But in Cyprus, despite the excessive arrival of immigrants, the number of women is still lower.

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