Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG)

Reporter: Shaker Sangi

After completion of Afghan legislature, with the introduction of 33 MPs from the Kabul to the parliament, parliamentarians now report that the members of parliament have held an extraordinary meeting today (Thursday) to select the chief of House of Representatives and its Management Board.

This weekend, Mir Rahman Rahmani, Mirwais Yasini, Omar Naser Mojaddī, and Kamal Nasir Osole had nominated their self to chair this parliament. It is planned to select one of their faces for these presidential candidates today, if candidates would fail to win the majority of votes, they will nominate their new candidates for the seat, and the voting process will be held again.

This is while the modification of the constitution and the completion of the cabinet of the National Unity Government are considered as the first steps that will be taken by Parliament’s House of Representatives after the election of the House of Representatives.

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