Kabul-Afghanistan (PMG):

Reporter: Imran Khurasani

According to sources in the country’s security forces, after the increased Daishi terror and violence in Kunar, the local people are now armed with the support of Afghan forces and they have run an uprising campaign in collaboration with the security forces against the ISIS-K. Sources of security who do not want to reveal their name say: “At least a week later, the locals in the districts where ISIS-K fighters were stationed, are now armed with the military equipment’s and they have launched an armed uprising in collaboration with the country’s security forces, it is also said that during this operation ISIS-K fighters were pushed out of most of these areas and all locals are ready to support Afghan forces to defeat ISI in their region.”

They say, “ISIS fighters have retreated from the brutal resistance because of the efforts of local people in the Kunar from the Borj-e-Kando areas and Dar-e-paich district. Then ISIL militants fled to the mountainous peaks located between the Wama Nuristan and Chapra districts of the Kunar valley after a fierce clash. In addition, the insurgents of ISIS have left their bases from several, perseverance and pushed the group out of their key places. At present, ISIL has been pushed back from Shagli, Shahidano Kando, Talti Tangi and Dhamni areas of the Chaphra Valley district where the base was based. ”

The reports are being released while the Taliban have claimed that some of the ISIL leaders who were besieged in Kunar were released by US forces.

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